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Our Mission

We are a community of people who celebrate God's unconditional love through joyful worship and faithful service.  Empowered by the spirit of the risen Christ, we are blessed to be a blessing.




At People’s Congregational Church we seek always to be a vibrant faith community that engages people in transforming acts of service in the world.   Worship is at the core of our community of faith.  We worship to give thanks and praise to God, to have the Word of God revealed to us, and to remember to Whom we belong.   Our worship is inclusive, welcoming, and Christ-centered.  Our blended worship services combine contemporary and traditional elements to equip and empower members of our community to live fully into Christian discipleship.  We encourage newcomers by offering a hospitable space to experience God’s grace. When we celebrate the Sacrament of Holy Communion on the second Sunday of the month, we offer the sacrament to anyone who wishes to participate.




Here at People’s Congregational Church, you will discover a wide variety of ways to become involved in a welcoming spiritual and social community which strives to faithfully follow the teachings of Jesus Christ.  
From worship services to a broad range of educational offerings for youth and adults, to Bible study and social activities, you will find abundant opportunities to become a cherished part of our church family.  

Our calendar also lists music and lay ministry opportunities, committees, and volunteer activities for all interests and talents are among the ways in which you might serve God and find your special place at People’s Church.



Beyond worship, members of our congregation frequently get together often for study, fellowship, small group gatherings, Taize services, gardening, workshops and retreats.  Some are short term and some gathering have continued for years.  We strive to create a sense of a caring family that welcomes new people and new events every month.  Please check our calendar for opportunities to find new friends and to express your faith.




Children and youth play an important role in our congregation as we help them to learn about and participate in the Christian faith, life and mission.

Our church school meets each week of the school year from 10:15-11:15.  Children from preschool to sixth grade to learn about and interact with the stories of the Bible.  We use music and art to enrich their learning, fun and participation.  Special events and participation in worship are sprinkled in through the year.

Our youth meet on Sunday mornings from 9:00-10:00 am weekly.  Their class helps them to deepen their faith and their connections with one another and the wider church community.  Overnights, retreats, mission trips and involvement in worship help deepen and broaden their commitment.



People’s Church is a community of faith that accepts and celebrates one another’s differences. It is our hope and prayer that you may sense the living and loving Spirit of Christ (and fun!) among us.

At People’s Church we have FAITH in a loving, life-giving God. Our foremost priority is to love God and one another. We believe that each individual’s relationship with God is unique, and that active attention to a personal faith journey helps one to understand the divine purpose for life. Our path toward God is based on the teachings of Jesus Christ.  

At People’s Church we have the FREEDOM to find God in our own way. We encourage people to live authentically and be who God has called them to be. The Bible and its teachings are used to provide understanding of God and Jesus Christ as well as guide us in our daily living. We honor and encourage our differences, because we know that the Holy Spirit has blessed each one of us with a variety of gifts. 

At People’s Church, FELLOWSHIP is the key component to creating a life well-lived. Through our prayer-filled love and support of each other, we have a lot of fun, we enjoy thought – provoking conversations, we generate exciting ideas, and we strive to follow the leading of the Spirit.

From our Pilgrim heritage to our involvement in contemporary issues, ours is a rich story which we look forward to sharing with you.


Where We Are


309 North Third Street

Bayport, MN 55003



This Month at People's
September 2014


Many have commented, "Where did the summer go?". It is hard to believe that September is upon us. The Pilgrim Press newsletter greets us with a question from Pastor Lanny, "Do you attend church to be a Christian?" We again join together this fall to talk about the corporate nature of human society, the body of people - People's - at work together. Our 'congregation' - gathered together - is the coming together of the Body of Christ, alive and at work in the world.


In September, we plan to gather together in worship with a focus on the Big Questions of life: Why is there suffering? Does God really listen or answer my prayers? What happens when we die? We hop that you will make it a priority to join us in September with your questions - and gather with us to pray, sing and worship as a congregation.


We are excited about "Rally Sunday" on September 7th and continue our work on a new version of our "Harvest Festival". We have extended our summer Bible Study - our meetings in small groups. Our Wednesday night Bible study group has grown to 12, and is focused on the Gospel of John and the question, "Who is Christ?". We invite you to make room for God's spirit to be the chief guest in your heart. The Wednesday Evening Bible Study is from 6:30 - 8:00 pm at the church.


Our community garden continues to blossom. The "Peace Community Garden of Bayport" planting of short-season vegetables - or cover crop- has been completed. This crop will add nurients to the soil for next spring. A few fall vegetable plans have also been added. We are very excited as we grow beyond the first phase of seeding our garden, next spring will bring a full garden with plots planted. If you would like to join with our Garden Community, please call our office and leave a message and we'll get back to you.


Join us on Sunday, September 7th for the beginning of Children's Sunday School followed by a Community Ice Cream Social on the front lawn of the church. It promises to be a fun day with crafts, Bible stories and activities beginning at 10:15 a.m.


Blessings to you as you prepare for our exciting fall season - beginning in September!


THIS MONTH:  September 7th is RALLY SUNDAY!; September 9th is CARING HEARTS (6:30 - 8:30)


Sunday Schedule


9:00am Adult Forum and Confirmation

10:15am: Worship and Sunday School

11:15am: Fellowship


Professional Nursery Care Provided 10:00-11:30am


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