Domestic Terrorism in Las Vegas

Dear friends and People of People’s Church,
Let us all pray for the victims of the mass shooting in Las Vegas. Even those who were not injured surely are traumatized.
As followers of the teachings of Christ, and on this, the birthday of Gandhi, may we all pray for solutions to the high level of violence in our nation and world.
There have been 273 mass shootings in our country in the last 275 days. Many of which are acts of terrorism, not by immigrants or Muslims, but primarily by born and bred citizens. (A mass shooting is when there are 3 or more victims)
We ask for God’s guidance and wisdom to be able to have civil conversations around the gun violence that continues to shake our nation and that leaves lasting, heart- breaking, and life-long damaging effects on the victims and their families.
Let us pray. Let us all pray.
God have Mercy. Christ have Mercy. AMEN.
Pastor Linda