Our Current Efforts

Justice and Outreach Team

This group supports the congregation in social justice advocacy and direct action, with a focus on developing strong relationships with and amplifying the work of kindred partner organizations in the St. Croix Valley. Key areas of concern intersect and include environmental/climate justice, identity justice (antiracism*, LGBTQ+ inclusion), and economic justice (income, home and food security).

 *In 2021-2022, this team is particularly focused on supporting the work of our congregation's Antiracism Collective.

In 2021-2022, we are participating in a faith-based group designated as “Housing Strategy and Advocacy Team (HSAT). The objective of HSAT is to support and aid Washington County in providing adequate housing for the homeless. Washington County is currently housing residents in two hotels. That has been a short-term strategy but will not be satisfactory or available as a longer-term solution. The hope is to build, buy and renovate or repurpose a current building. Numerous issues need to be addressed (political, location, funding, acceptance by the community), and HSAT will support and help find a solution to some of those issues.

The Justice & Outreach Team is answering the call to aid the HSAT (Homeless Strategy & Advocacy Team) of Washington County. HSAT has asked members to appeal to their congregations for help gathering items needed for the cold weather.  After collecting a reasonable amount, they will be picked up and distributed to those in need.Items needed are:
Warm socksHand and foot warmersBlankets (not fleece)Gloves (men's L and XL)Individual bottled water$25 gas cardsThe bin for items will be in the Narthex.


colorful chairs

People's Antiracism Collective

In spring 2021, this group formed as a task force to lead us in exploring next steps toward embodying antiracism as a congregation. In June, they sent out a survey to members and friends to yield invaluable information about the beliefs and concerns about racism that exist within our congregation. Between June 2021-June 2022, our Antiracism Collective will engage our members and friends as we embark on a year of congregational examination, exploration and education on antiracist attitudes and behaviors that could lead to transforming our church identity.



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