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Inquirers Gathering
For brand new friends among us...
For newish friends who've been taking your time to feel things out in our community...
For long-time friends who've been away and are considering stepping back in...
Thursday, March 30 | 6:30-8:00 pm (in person at church, also Zoom if requested)
Learn about the life and work of People’s Church and about our denominational affiliations.Explore deepening your participation in our congregation.
Learn about covenanting in membership (a pledge of mutual support).Our Welcome Team invites you to our next Inquirers Gathering! We share introductions. Pastor Clare, Kathy and Sue tell about our church's history, present ministries, and hopes next steps in our collective journey.
Attending does not obligate you to become a member, but it's a required step in the process. The second and final step prior to joining as a member is a one-to-one conversation with Pastor Clare, sharing more about your faith journey and what you hope to experience as a member of People’s Church.Our next New Member Sunday is tentatively scheduled for April 16We look forward to it!Please let Pastor Clare know if you will attend the March 30 Inquirers Gathering.

 Seasonal Experiences @ People's Park

Spring Equinox | March 20, 6:30pm

We welcome people of all faiths and paths. We will gather for 45 minutes in the beautiful setting of People's Park. Focusing our energy, on the spring equinox, marking the point in time when the sun sits directly over the Earth's equator as it heads northward. Both hemispheres share the sun's rays equally at the equinox, and night and day are roughly the same length.

As the Earth is coming alive again, we can focus on renewal and awakening. As the dark months pass behind us, we can expand, grow and focus on the warmth and light in our lives. This is an excellent period to also focus on moderation and balance, with the day and night in total alignment. As we are stepping further into the light, this is also a time of clarity after confusion, reflection and stillness. Welcome in enlightenment, inspiration and new beginnings.


Themes of previous St. Croix Valley Prayer circles:

  • Embracing Dormancy: Fruitful Rest (Jan. '23)
    Harvesting Hope: Seeds of hope (Nov. '22)
  • Our Earth Community: Living in Balance & Harmony (Oct. '22)
  • People of Ukraine (June '22)
  • Women's Autonomy: Embodied, Empowered (July '22)
  • Children at School: Safe and Thriving (Aug. '22)
  • Mental Health: Les Stigma, More Support (Sept. '22)

People's Monthly Backyard Potlucks (spring, summer & fall)

Join us in spring of 2023
contact office for details

June 2022 @ Pastor Clare's
June 2022 @ Pastor Clare's
July 2022 @ Dittmann/Greenhalgh's
July 2022 @ Dittmann/Greenhalgh's
August 2022 @ St. Peter's UCC
August 2022 @ St. Peter's UCC
Sept. 2022 @ Sharri Kinkead's
Sept. 2022 @ Sharri Kinkead's
Oct. 2022 Joint hayride with St. Peter's UCC
Oct. 2022 Joint hayride with St. Peter's UCC
Nov. 2022 @ Iverson's
Nov. 2022 @ Iverson's

Blessing of the Animals

Twice per year, we offer blessings to animals of all species. Knowing that the realm of God's love incorporates all living things, we are honored to offer prayers for wellbeing to canine, feline and other beloved family members. We invite neighbors throughout the St. Croix Valley to join us for our next Blessing of the Animals. We last blessed animals on Memorial Day, May 30. Stay tuned for upcoming dates!

Memorial Day Hospitality | On Our Church Lawn

Refreshments, Blessing of Animals, Drop-in Holy Communion
The rain didn't stop People's people or our neighbors from coming out to the parade!


Collaborations with Bethlehem Lutheran Church

We have a long history of collaborating with our friends at Bethlehem Lutheran Church in Bayport. Pastor Clare and Pastor Eric Lesher gather leaders from both congregations to create three annual joint worship service (Good Friday, the Sunday nearest July 4th, and Thanksgiving Eve). We benefit from appreciating both our deep commonalities and our delightfully different assets.

Perfect Logo
Bethlehem Tree BLC
4-15-2022 Good Friday.Bulletin

Ecumenical Community Worship Servicew/ Bethlehem Lutheran Church @ Lakeside Park, Bayport"If You Can Imagine Healing, How Will You Pursue It?"
July 3, 2022

Thanksgiving 2022 joint service

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