Our Sanctuary

At People’s Congregational Church we seek always to be a vibrant faith community that, through the life and teachings of Jesus Christ, engages people in transforming acts of service in the world.   Worship is the core of our community of faith.  We worship to give thanks and praise to God, to have the Word of God revealed to us, and to remember to Whom we belong.   Through our worship offerings we strive to be inclusive, welcoming, and Christ-centered.  Worship is meant to equip and empower members of our community to live fully into Christian discipleship.

Worship also must encourage newcomers by offering a hospitable space to experience God’s grace.   The two sacraments of our tradition are baptism and communion.  Communion, or the Lord’s Supper, is celebrated on the second Sunday of each month. At People’s Church we believe everyone is invited to the Lord’s table, therefore we practice open communion.


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